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"Wandercease found its way on to our ‘Best Albums of 2020′ list, thanks to its stunning and infectious pop melodies, rich and layered symphonic sounds, loops and electronic touches, and occasional nods to Americana."
– Say It With Garage Flowers

"You either have to have truly outstanding material or fill your songs with surprising details. Hudson Valley singer/songwriter Ryan Martin is a rare double threat."


“The places where WANDERCEASE ends up occasionally even bring to mind Pet Sounds. There can be no greater praise.” —Chronogram

“Perfection is damn near impossible to come bY And it almost never happens. Yet somehow, someway, Ryan Martin hit that rare pocket in time and captured perfection.” —American Songwriter

GIMME SOME LIGHT sounds like an obscure small-label issue from Laurel Canyon,circa 1974, the kind of thing that Matthew Sweet or Evan Dando would score in thebackroom of a Cambridge record shop and stake as some sort of primal influence.” —Chronogram

"This is a truly charming album and, given the right exposure, Ryan Martin is a musician who could easily end up earning a very large audience." —Fear and Loathing Fanzine

"A beautiful slice of Americana. It’s an intense listen, like adjusting one’s eyes to a bright light. You wince at his more deeply auto-biographical expressions but slowly come to settle into the warm glow of his sharp vision and open armed honesty." –Paste Magazine

"It’s easy to listen to watch Martin perform and think of the Band playing music at Big Pink as his voice conjures a touch of Rick Danko and The Band’s nostalgic reflections on country life

and far away times." –Glide Magazine

"These are tales of trauma and tragedy, toil and hard traveling, and shades of the great heroes of an alternative state - Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen - seep through throughout.

"A song defined by heartache [Death of Love], Martin takes a page from the playbook of classic country and folk tunes. Its sense of yearning pop sticks with his audience long after first listen" —Pop Matters

"Gimme Some Light commands and deserves your undivided attention. It is a unique album that explores tragedy, loss, love, hope, and finally, seeks redemption all the while combining indie, folk, and country influences into one dense and moving album." —D.C. Music Review

"There’s no lack of superb tunes on here as Martin hits on all the usual themes of love, loss, regret, hope and the like but unlike a lot of folks, this guy can write a terrific song."
– Daggerzine

"It's as open and honest an LP you're likely to hear all year, with a rare emotional complexity" –Harmonic Distortion

Imagine if The Band had recorded “Let it Loose” or “Lovin’ Cup” from Exile on Main St. and you

get the idea. There are a lot of artists covering similar grounds these days, but Ryan Martin is one to watch out for. —Leading Us Absurd

At times you hear sounds similar to The Swell Season, doses of Ryan Adams, as well a classics such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Right Chord Music

The album features a dozen delectable tracks that feature sincere depth, wayworn lyrics,

and Martin’s gravelly, southern soul vocal.
The Music Court

“When I perform, I’m trying to tear off all the layers of myself until I’m completely exposed. It’s almost like taking yourself into another state of consciousness and you’re just completely in the moment." —The Pen's Eye View

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